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Feature Comparison Chart

Feature Little Guys Big Guys My Safe Home Inspection
Coverage Local Only State-wide State-wide
Speed Varies Slow 24-48 Hour Turnaround
Technology Pen + Paper Cumbersome + Difficult Simple + Powerful
Experience Varies Varies Great
Mobile Access No Varies Yes!
Data Accuracy Poor Varies 3rd Party Quality Control
Support Poor Fair Great
Service Quality Varies Varies Great
FREE Marketing No No Yes!
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Easily Add Inspection Requests!

  • After logging in you’ll be directed right to a secure inspection request page exclusively for your Agency.
  • Request multiple inspection types for one homeowner at the same time.
  • If you provide an email address for the homeowner he will be updated on the inspection progress.
  • Simple form design makes it easy to tab through fields to submit the request quickly.

Quality Assurance Helps Keep Us The Best Inspection Business In Florida!

  • Quality Assurance meticulously goes through each inspection to ensure the validity and readability of the inspection report.
  • Our system helps prevent human error by streamlining the interface for inspectors.
  • When Quality Assurance has verified the inspection report, the report will be sent by email instantly.

Be Notified As Soon As Your Inspection Report Is Available!

  • Log in and see all of your requested inspections and their current states.
  • Download your completed inspection reports anytime you want from anywhere.
  • Inspections have a message system to keep an open line of communication and support.
  • Homeowners are updated via email or phone when an inspection has been scheduled.

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  • Easily add inspection requests online
  • Request multiple inspection types for one homeowner at the same time
  • Get notifications when your inspection report is ready
  • Download your inspection reports anytime, anywhere
  • View all of your requested inspections and their current statuses
  • Online message system attached to each inspection