Chinese Drywall Inspection

With the booming housing industry during the 2000's came an increased demand for drywall. Several manufactured linked back to China used contaminated material which caused the problem commonly known as “Chinese Drywall.” The vapors emitted by the drywall have been linked to headaches and several other infections. Homeowners with the toxic drywall have been leaving homes because of their potential health problems, often times at the urging of their physicians.

The drywall fumes have also been linked to structural problems with the homes. Corroding electronics and wiring is another result of the fumes that are released by the drywall. This is a potential fire hazard, and must be fixed immediately to make sure your home is safe and structurally sound. Not only does it cause wiring to fail, but home appliances are affected as well. All metal items in the home are at risk of rapid corrosion.

What can I do about potentially dangerous drywall?

Corrosion is the danger. The contaminates in Chinese drywall release a gas in a process caused outgassing. The gas can damage the metal in the home. Think about this, imagine the copper pipes and wiring in the walls dissolving and you cannot see them. As wire corrodes it begins to lose thickness so it could potentially overheat causing a fire inside the wall. Corroding metal pipes could leak causing thousands of dollars in damage.

If you are selling or renting a home, then the buyers or tenants will want to know that there is no faulty drywall in your home. This will give them the confidence that they need to make the purchase. Since the Chinese drywall problem is a hot-button issue, prospective customers of your home will be looking at it to see what potential issues they can find. The best way to proceed is to make sure that your drywall is up to code, and all appropriate actions have been taken to see that your drywall can be repaired if necessary.

What is a Chinese Drywall inspection?

Our inspectors provide a visual, non-destructive inspection. This is the most affordable type of inspection for Chinese drywall. Using our own inspection method we collect information throughout the home in order to generate our inspection report. It will help you make a more informed decision as a home owner or as a home buyer. Since no testing is done in our inspection we can make recommendations for more expensive testing such as laboratory testing or provide a warning sign before you make a home purchase.

Because of the risks the fumes pose to the electrical wiring, a home insurance company can require that an inspection is performed. Toxic drywall can easily be changed out to make sure that it doesn't impact your home value. X-ray fluorescence testing is a simple and safe way of determining if you have drywall issues. This is designed to detect toxic chemical compounds in a nondestructive way (none of the drywall needs to be removed). From the inspection, it will be easy to decide whether or not your drywall needs to be changed. There is a possibility that the company who sold the defective drywall will pay to replace it, so there should not be any issues.

My Safe Home Inspection is fully licensed, insured, and certified so that you know your inspection is being done properly. The company is well-established, and you can trust that the company isn't a fly-by-night operation. Give My Safe Home Inspection a call today at 1 (888) 697-2331 to schedule an appointment to have your drywall inspected.

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