Roof Inspection

One area of a home that requires routine inspections is the roof. A leaky roof puts the entire contents of a home at risk. Inspection companies recommend annual damage inspections in Florida. In fact, some insurance companies require them, before they will agree to underwrite a policy.

How Do Roof Inspections Help Protect Your Property?

Regular roof inspections find small problems that need small repairs before they become huge problems that require an entirely new roof. Florida roofs are subjected to more sun, wind and rain than most places. Shingles may fly off or degrade over time. Most people do not get on their roof unless they have to. Our inspections provide a quick inexpensive snapshot of the condition of your roof. Insurance agents are comfortable writing a policy for a home with our roof inspection.

How are Roofs Inspected

Roof inspections consist of two parts, photos and information. First our inspector will collect great photos of your roof and then make an estimate of roof age and remaining life. He will also identify and visible issues and damage on the roof. All of this information is submitted to our office so that the quality assurance department can double check our findings.

Required Inspections

Most of the roof inspections we perform are done because our customers were told they are required. It is normal for insurance companies to require these inspections since roof claims can be very costly for them and for you. In many cases a roof claim can equal your deductible meaning that you have to pay for all the damage yourself. Part of owning a property means replacing the roof when it gets old. As the roof reaches the end of its life insurance companies want to make sure it still has some life left each year your policy renews.

Choosing a Roofing Specialist

Unlike most inspectors, My Safe Home Inspection has a team of quality assurance professionals that put each inspection through a verification process to ensure the inspection report is done right the first time. Our inspectors are certified and have to pass an annual Inspection Exam to make sure they are following the most up to date standards and practices. Order a roof inspection online by clicking clicking here.

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